Pets, kids, or even frequent guests will all take a toll on your upholstery over time. Contaminants such as dust and pollen settle into the fabric and take more than just a quick vacuuming to pick up. In fact, in homes with carpet, up to 80 percent of the dust and dirt in your home could end up on the upholstery and other fabrics. However, upholstery cleaning from Supergreen Atlanta is the solution for you.

We extend the life and texture of your furniture by cleaning all fabrics with our environmentally friendly steam cleaners. Eliminate stains, pick up pet dander and allergens, and renew the overall appearance with just one cleaning treatment. Once our process is complete, your furniture will dry quickly, allowing you to get back to daily life as soon as possible.

From the harshest stains to the most sensitive fabrics, our products and tools are a gentle solution to any concern. Supergreen Atlanta’s team has more than 20 years of experience providing deep cleaning services for those who need it most. Take care of your furniture, your home, and your family by creating the cleanest possible environment. Our team is here to help. Get in touch now to schedule your service with us.